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    Video clips - Dinner & Dance 15.12.2012

    At Sangam Hall, 210 Burnt Oak Broadway, Burnt Oak, Edgeware HA8 0AP

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    MHLC Entance arch and pavilion opening ceremony

    MHC Sports meet 2012

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    DS Division: Sandilipay


    "Today's Sudoku Game"



     Many projects are being carried out in Manipay Hindu College including an appointment and funding of IT teacher by mhc-osa(uk).

     Appointments of maths teacher and football coach are to follow.  Support to Manipay Ladies College is sought.  Finally a feasibility study is under way for major renovation. 



    MHC and it's neighborhoods Manipay, Suthumalai, Navaly, Sandilipay, Thavady, Annaicoddai, Chankanai, Inuvil, Uduvil and Pandaterippu

    For Web enthusiastics, please send your version of MHC related web pages in any shape or form to, those will be included in this web site under new "Member's MHC Web Versions" and your name. 

    MHC OSA (UK)

    Bus donated by MHC OSA (UK) in 2011











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